Murals, Trompe L'Oeil, Decorative Art, Oils & Watercolours

Dutch Artist Joy Blackburne was born in Holland and studied art at the Kunst Academy in Amsterdam, the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland and the University of Florence, Italy.  

She gave up her career as an actress when she moved to Bermuda where she has worked for many years as a professional artist. She works in a broad spectrum of media, including Pen and Ink, Oil, Acrylic and Water Color.

She has received commissions to execute Murals, Trompe l'Oeils and Decorative Art in England, France, Canada, the USA and Bermuda. She is perhaps best known for her water color portraits of houses which are hanging all over the world. She has been commissioned to paint many of the Great Chateaux of Bordeaux, a few examples of which may be seen on these pages.

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